change integrity

change integrity
change in physical make-up
Hypernyms: ↑change
reform, ↑polymerize, ↑polymerise, ↑explode, ↑burst, ↑detonate, ↑blow up, ↑set off, ↑cook, ↑break up, ↑disperse, ↑scatter, ↑break, ↑separate, ↑split up, ↑fall apart, ↑come apart, ↑pasteurize, ↑pasteurise, ↑condense, ↑evaporate, ↑vaporize, ↑vaporise, ↑burn, ↑incinerate, ↑blend, ↑flux, ↑mix, ↑conflate, ↑commingle, ↑immix, ↑fuse, ↑coalesce, ↑meld, ↑combine, ↑merge, ↑disintegrate, ↑decay, ↑decompose, ↑thicken, ↑inspissate, ↑gasify, ↑aerify, ↑liquefy, ↑liquify, ↑solidify, ↑crystallize, ↑crystallise, ↑crystalize, ↑crystalise, ↑dissolve, ↑resolve, ↑demulsify, ↑jellify, ↑jelly, ↑crumble, ↑crumple, ↑tumble, ↑break down, ↑collapse, ↑divide, ↑split, ↑dissever, ↑carve up
Verb Frames:

Something ——s


Somebody ——s


Somebody ——s something


Something ——s something

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